You can call us or send us a message to make an appointment at one of our offices, located in Amsterdam, Deventer or Haarlem. During an introductory interview, you can let us know your what kind of help you need. We provide assistance free of charge and we protect your privacy.


After you have decided to receive help from Scharlaken Koord, you keep in contact with one of our social workers. She will help you with, among other things, practical, legal and financial matters, such as debts or health insurance problems. If you are looking for a new job, she will help you to determine the best approach to take. She will also provide personal guidance and lend a listening ear.

Second Step

If you are interested in gaining work experience, our second-hand shop Second Step may be the right thing for you. Second Step is a safe place to meet others and exchange experiences. In our workshops you learn for example writing a resume, to set boundaries and there are creative workshops.

'For me Second Step is the best place to talk about my problems and fix them. All the women have the same experiences and we help each other. I learn to be stronger and when I am in the shop I feel secure and relaxed. This is what I really need.'


Women who are looking for more social contacts can participate in the buddy project. You are linked up to a volunteer (buddy) to do fun things together, enjoy activities, attend a course, etc., depending on your needs.



'I was exhausted'