Scharlaken Koord is an independent Christian assistance organisation for prostitutes, victims of human trafficking and girls involved with loverboys, now or in the past. We also provide assistance to parents.

In addition to social work, Scharlaken Koord carries out street work. We visit women at their work location and come into contact with them there. In Amsterdam, we visit women involved in window prostitution in the Red Light District, Singel area and Ruysdaelkade. In Haarlem and Haarlemmermeer we visit clubs where women work. We also visit women who work in the escort service or at home. Lastly, we do prevention work, providing information to girls and boys on, for instance, loverboys.

'Just in time you came to my window. Without you I would never have stopped with prostitution'

We can help you if:

  • You have questions or need advice
  • You think your boyfriend is a loverboy
  • You are a victim (or know a victim) of human trafficking
  • You want to stop being a prostitute and have to make arrangements
  • Your daughter is or has been in contact with a loverboy
  • You would like to share your story
  • You would like to talk about the time you worked as a prostitute



'I had no tears left'